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 For over 20 years, Martha Davis, owner and head trainer at

All Star Mutts Dog Training has trained countless dogs, cats, pigs, birds, rats and even skunks while performing on stage at Sea World OrlandoBusch Gardens Tampa, and Busch Gardens Williamsburg theme parks. From television, to movies, to Broadway, they have successfully transformed rescued pets into being stars of their own. 

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Martha is most proud of the fact that she has rescued hundreds of dogs and cats from shelters and rescue facilities all across the country. She saw potential in dogs that had been surrendered by their owners and were thought to be untrainable. Through consistent training techniques, patience and lots of confidence building exercises, Martha took these untrainable dogs from the shelter to stardom and beyond.

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Her career included appearances with animals alongside Jack Hanna and Julie Scardina on television shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Martha Stewart, and Good Morning America.

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Martha and her fellow trainers conducted a nationwide search to adopt and train 16 rescued Dalmatians for the Broadway production of 101 Dalmatians: The Musical. They adopted, trained and traveled across the country with the dogs in a custom built RV performing in theaters from Appleton, WI to Madison Square Gardens, NY.

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Rescued animals that Martha has trained can be seen in a variety of commercials and for companies like Publix,, Vetriscience, Pet Naturals, and Doc & Phoebe's Cat Company. Her recent movie production work includes being one of the head trainers for the "all animal" cast of the international 4-D movie Pets: Rescue Heroes, and training Matthew McConaughey's feline co-star in the movie Beach Bum.

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As Martha visited shelters over the years, she realized that thousands of dogs have been unfortunately surrendered by their owners for behavior that is easily fixable. She understands the overwhelming frustration pet owners can have when they don't have the proper knowledge and tools needed to address these behavioral issues. For this reason, Martha  has shifted the focus of her career towards her dream of helping owners and dogs build a lasting, life-long relationship based on balanced training, clear communication, physical exercise, and mental stimulation. She wants to keep dogs and their families together; thriving and happy. Now is the perfect time for Martha to help you find the star potential in your dog.


Let All Star Mutts Dog Training help your dog become the STAR of your family! 

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